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Corporate Screening Client Alert Archives

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8/30/2019 – Hurricane Dorian Delays

8/19/2019 – Public Records Delays in West Virginia and Dade County, FL

7/31/2019 – Georgia Ransomware Attack Affects Public Records Research

7/17/2019 – Salary History Bans and Floyd County, GA Public Records Update

7/12/2019 – Court Delays Expected in Louisiana 

6/20/2019 – Colorado Bans the Box

6/13/2019 – Gwinnett County, GA Backlog and Potter County, TX Update

5/30/2019 – Georgia and Texas Court Outages

(06/20/2017) E-Verify High Volume Alert

(06/20/2017) Reminder – New California FEHC Regulations Take Effect in July

(06/13/2017) Delays in Jackson County, MI Courts

(05/01/2017) E-Verify Alert: Update on Potential Government Shutdown

(04/25/2017) E-Verify Alert: Potential Government Shutdown and E-Verify Operations

(04/19/2017) New Philadelphia Law Prohibits Employers from Inquiring into Job Applicants’ Wage History

(04/11/2017) New Legislation in New York City Prohibits Employers from Asking about Wage History

(03/09/2017) New California FEHC Regulations Impact Use of Criminal History in Employment Decisions

(02/09/2017) Massachusetts and New Jersey Courts Closed Due to Weather

(01/05/2017) LA “Ban the Box” Legislation: Additional Information

(01/05/2017) Reminder: New Electronic Form I-9 Webinars on January 9 and 10 2017

(12/16/2016) New LA “Ban the Box” Ordinance in Effect Beginning January 1, 2017

(12/06/2016 New Form I-9: Webinar Info and Section 3 Changes

(11/30/2016) Revised Form I-9 Programming Update and Section 2 Changes

(11/23/2016) Information about Revised Form I-9

(11/22/2016) Kane, IL Court System Maintenance to Begin November 24

(09/29/2016) E-Verify Service Interruption Resolved

(09/28/2016) Santa Clara California Criminal Court Delays

(09/27/2016) E-Verify Interruption of Service Continues

(09/26/2016) E-Verify Service Interruption Continues

(09/23/2016) E-Verify Service Interruptions

(09/08/2016) Lyndhurst, Ohio Municipal Court System Unavailable

(08/16/2016) Santa Clara Strike Update

(08/08/2016) Latest Update on Santa Clara Strike

(08/04/2016) Update: Santa Clara Court Clerk Strike

(08/02/2016) County Clerks in Santa Clara County, California to Go on Strike

(07/18/2016) Corporate Screening Phone Systems Restored

(07/18/2016) Corporate Screening Phone System Update

(07/13/2016) LabCorp Collection Sites Available

(07/13/2016) LabCorp Collection Sites Temporarily Unavailable

(07/08/2016) Philadelphia Ordinance Restricts Credit Checks on Job Applicants

(06/30/2016) Corporate Screening to Close for Independence Day Holiday

(06/10/2016) E-Verify Version 29 Scheduled for Wednesday, June 15

(06/07/2016) Recent “Ban the Box” Laws in Connecticut and Vermont Will Go Into Effect in 2017

(06/02/2016) New Information Now Available in EASE Resources Center

(05/26/2016) Oregon Court Searches Possible Delays Between May 31 – June 20, 2016

(04/14/2016) Ottawa County, Ohio Courts Removed from CrimeSweep Ohio

(04/06/2016) New “Ban the Box” Ordinance in Austin, Texas Affects Private Employers

(04/04/2016) E-Verify Technical Difficulties

(03/30/2016) California Courts Closed for Cesar Chavez Day

(03/16/2016) Form I-9 Scheduled Maintenance Tonight

(03/02/2016) Client Alert: Oregon Court Search Delays

(02/26/16) Employers Take Note! Philadelphia “Ban the Box” Amendments to Go into Effect on March 14, 2016

(02/24/2016) Delays at Lake County California Courts

(02/11/2016) Greene County Ohio Court Removed From CrimeSweep Ohio

(01/20/2016) New Form I9/E-Verify Pop Up Alert Notifications

2015 Client Alerts

(12/23/2015) Reminder – Oregon “Ban the Box” Law Becomes Effective January 1, 2016

(12/17/2015) New Amendments Mean Broad Changes to Philadephia’s “Ban the Box” Law

(11/10/2015) NYC Fair Chance Act Information: An Updated Fair Chance Notice & Enforcement Guide Released 

(11/10/2015) Public Records Searches Currently Unavailable at Clark County Ohio Courts

(11/04/2015) Supreme Court Hears Argument that May Affect Class Action Litigation

(10/26/2015) New York City Fair Chance Act

(10/16/2015) Miami-Dade Joins “Ban the Box” Movement

(10/05/2015) Medina, Ohio Municipal Court Search Update

(10/01/2015) Medina, Ohio Municipal Court Delays

(10/01/2015) Updated Information about New York City’s Fair Chance Act and Stop Credit in Employment Discrimination Act

(09/30/2015) Status of E-Verify

(09/22/2015) Court Closures in Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and New Jersey

(09/14/2015) California Wild Fires May Cause Court Delays

(08/27/2015) Intermittent Technical Issues May Cause Delays

(08/25/2015) Akron Municipal Court Computer System Down – Possible Delays

(08/17/2015) Court Delays Continue at Willoughby, Ohio Municipal Courts

(08/11/2015) Delays in Willoughby, Ohio Municipal Courts

(08/05/2015) Court Delays: Jackson County, Ohio

(07/14/2015) Weather Conditions May Cause Additional West Virginia Court Delays

(07/08/2015) Jackson County (Ohio) Court Delays

(07/02/2015) Corporate Screening to Close for Independence Day

(06/26/2015) Marion County (Ohio) Court Delays

(06/25/2015) Update: West Virginia Court Search Delays

(06/17/15) West Virginia Court Delays

(06/06/2015) Nevada’s New Law Eliminates Seven Year Criminal Conviction Reporting Restriction

(06/16/2015) New York City Next to “Ban the Box”

(o6/02/2015) I-9 Service Restored

(06/01/2015) Form I-9 Website Technical Issues

(05/29/2015) Intermittent Technical Issues May Cause Delays

(05/04/2015) Sana Cruz, CA Court Delays

(04/20/15) NYC Passes Bill to Ban Use of Credit History in Employment Decisions

(03/30/2015) California Courts Close for Cesar Chavez Day

(03/05/2015) Inclement Weather Causes Court Closures and Delays

(03/02/2015) Maryland “Ban the Box” Updates: Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties

(02/26/2015) CrimeSweep OH Delays

(02/25/2015) Winter Storms May Cause Drug Screen Delays

(02/23/2015) New Jersey “Ban the Box” Law Goes into Effect on March 1, 2015

(02/20/2015) Delays at San Luis Obispo County California Courts

(02/16/2015) FCRA Class Action Lawsuits Continue to Proliferate. What Can Employers Do?

(02/10/2015) Weather Causes Court Closures and Delays in Massachusetts

(02/05/2015) E-Verify Begins Checking Nebraska Driver’s Licenses and ID Cards

(01/02/2015) Technical Outage Resolved

2014 Client Alerts

(12/17/2014) Update to E-Verify

(10/07/2014) Continued Contra Costa Court Delays

(09/29/2014) I-9 Clients: New Colorado Affirmation Form

(09/16/2014) Contra Costa and San Luis Obispo California Court Searches Delayed

(09/10/2014) Intermittent Outages at Medina County, Ohio Court May Cause Delays

(08/18/2014) CrimeSweep Ohio Delay: Jackson County, Ohio

(08/13/2014) New Jersey “Ban the Box” Law Will Go into Effect March 1, 2015

(08/12/2014) Hancock County Georgia Courthouse Fire Results in Delayed Court Record Searches

(08/01/2014) San Francisco “Ban the Box” Law Effective August 13, 2014

(07/12/2014) Illinois Governor Signs “Ban the Box” Law

(07/15/2014) Contra Costa California County Court Delays

(07/09/2014) New Jersey’s “Ban the Box” Bill Sent to the Governor

(07/03/2014) California “Ban the Box” Law in Effect

(07/01/2014) E-Verify Experiences Technical Difficulties

(06/26/2014) Contra Costa County California Court Delays

(06/18/2014) West Virginia State Courts Closed June 20, 2014

(06/10/2014) CrimeSweep Ohio Delay: Lawrence County, Ohio

(06/02/2014) CrimeSweep Ohio Update: Lorain Municipal Court Documents Unable to Be Retrieved

(05/28/2014) CrimeSweep Ohio Delay Update: Court Outages

(05/21/2014) Update: CrimeSweep OH Delay Continues Due to Lorain Municipal Court Outage

(05/20/2014) Lorain, Ohio Municipal Courts System Outage

(04/28/2014) Drug Test Alert: LabCorp Collection Sites Currently Unavailable for Online Scheduling

(04/22/2014) E-Verify TNC Technical Issue April 18, 2014

(04/21/2014) E-Verify Production/Staging Outage Issue

(04/03/2014) Changes to New York OCA Criminal History Reporting

(03/26/2014) California Courts Will Be Closed for Cesar Chavez Day

(03/21/2014) E-Verify TNC Issue March 19 and 20, 2014

(03/19/2014) Form I-9 Compliance Intermittent Site Latency

(03/19/2014) Update: Medina County Ohio Court System Once Again Operational

(03/19/2014) Update to Medina County Ohio Court Outage

(03/18/2014) Delays at Central Court in Orange County, California

(03/13/2014) Medina County Ohio Court System Outage

(03/11/2014) Changes to Ohio GED Transcripts and Verification

(03/05/2014) Closing Cases Using E-Verify Version 25

(03/03/2014) Form I-9 Compliance Webinars: E-Verify Enhancements and Changes

(03/03/2014) Compliance Alert: Updates on “Ban the Box”

(02/27/2014) Form I-9 Compliance E-Verify Changes

(02/18/2014) Class Action Lawsuit: Did Whole Foods Violate the FCRA?

(02/13/2014) Additional Court Closures Due to Weather

(02/13/2014) Philadelphia Courts Closed Due to Weather

(02/11/2014) Santa Cruz County Court Delays

(01/03/2014) Extended Court Delays in San Luis Obispo, California

2013 Client Alerts

(12/16/2013) Corporate Screening Holiday Hours

(12/09/2013) Corporate Screening Will Update Fax Lines on Wednesday, December 11, 2013

(11/21/2013) New E-Verify Security Feature Helps Deter Employee Fraud

(10/24/2013) TNC Alert: E-Verify Technical Difficulty on October 22, 2013

(10/17/2013) E-Verify Resumes After Goverment Shutdown Ends

(10/09/2013) Automated E-Verify Processing During Government Shutdown

(10/01/2013) E-Verify Program Currently Unavailable Due to Government Shutdown

(09/11/2013) E-Verify Updates: E-Verify Begins Checking Iowa Driver’s Licenses and Changes to Tentative Nonconfirmation Process Are Coming Soon

(07/18/2013) E-Verify Now Checking Idaho Driver’s Licenses

(07/03/2013) EEOC Actions Against BMW: How it May Affect Hospitals and Other Organizations

(06/14/2013) Enhancements to Electronic I-9 Form

(06/11/2013) Changes to Electronic Form I-9

(05/28/2013) Search Delays in Contra Costa County, California

(05/21/2013) Expanded Home Healthcare Worker Background Checks in Ohio

(05/20/2013) E-Verify Production Outage

(05/01/2013) The New Electronic I-9 Form Is Live

(04/23/2013) New Electronic I-9 Form Goes Live May 1, 2013

(03/29/2013) California Courts Closed on Monday, 4/1/13

(03/29/2013) Form I-9 Update

(03/21/2013) New Phone System at Corporate Screening: Possible Phone Outage

(03/08/2013) Revised I-9 Forms

(02/28/2013) Reminder to Employers in Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Tennessee: 2013 E-Verify Legislation Changes

(02/20/2013) Corporate Screening 2012 Client Satisfaction Survey

(02/13/2013) Form I-9 to Generate Enhanced Audit Logs

(01/23/2013) Budget Cuts and Staff Reductions in San Mateo, CA Courts

(01/22/2013) Ohio Healthcare Providers: Newly Standarized Criminal Records Checks

(01/17/2013) Impact and Effects of Ohio’s New Fingerprint Law

2012 Client Alerts

(12/27/2012) Reminder: Use the New FCRA Forms Beginning January 1, 2013

(12/20/2012) Update: Current Ohio Fingerprint Turnaround Times

(12/14/2012) Corporate Screening’s Holiday Schedule

(12/11/2012) E-Verify Users: Possibility of Erroneous E-Verify SSA TNC Cases

(11/30/2012) CFPB Updates the FCRA Forms Issued for Use in 2013

(11/28/2012) USCIS Releases DACA I-9 Guidance and Instructions

(11/12/2012) New York OCA to Reopen on November 16, 2012

(11/9/2012) Santa Cruz, California Court Delays

(11/8/2012) BCI System Upgrade Will Delay Ohio Fingerprints

(11/6/2012) Newark, NJ Ordinance Goes into Effect November 18, 2012

(10/31/2012) Closures Continue in Sandy’s Aftermath

(10/30/2012) Superstorm Sandy: Assessing the Damage and Possible Delays

(10/29/2012) Hurricane Sandy Closures: May Possibly Delay Background Results

(10/29/2012) New Law Affects Fingerprint Turnaround Time in Ohio

(10/11/2012) Orange County, California Court Delays

(9/21/2012) New FCRA Forms for 2013

(8/15/2012) eScreen Website Temporarily Unavailable

(8/13/2012) Continue to Use Your Current Form I-9

(8/3/2012) GSA Excluded Parties List System Temporarily Down

(6/18/2012) Massachusetts CORI Reform: Reminder about Employer Obligations

(6/15/2012) Solano County Courts in California Announce Furlough Days

(6/14/2012) Vermont Becomes the Eighth State to Prohibit the Use of Credit Information in Employment Decisions

(5/24/12) Corporate Screening Performing Server Maintenance on Thursday, May 24, 2012

(5/2/2012) Massachusetts CORI Reform: New Regulations Go into Effect May 4, 2012

Free Webinar: Diploma Mills

(4/25/2012) New EEOC Criminal History Guidance Passed Today by EEOC

(04/25/2012) Webinar Opportunity: New EEOC Criminal History Guidance, Thursday, April 26, 2012

(4/19/2012) New EEOC Guidance on Employer’s Use of Criminal Histories and Credit Looming

(3/23/2012) Court Delays May Soon Occur in San Luis Obispo, CA

(2/17/2012) Alabama Department of Public Safety Website Online Again

(2/16/2012) Alabama Department of Public Safety Website Temporarily Down

2011 Client Alerts

(12/12/2011) Reminder, Check Your Disclosure Forms: Effective January 1, 2012, California Employers Must Include the Screening Company’s Website Address on their Disclosure Forms

(10/27/2011) Two California Courts May Be Delayed Due to Furloughs and Reduced Hours of Operation

(10/12/2011) California Credit Check Bill Signed

(09/30/2011) City of Cleveland Decides to Ban the Box

(09/1/2011) Recent Class Action Case Validates the Necessity of a Compliant Screening Program when Conducting Database Criminal History Searches

(08/01/2011) State of Indiana Implements New GED Credentialing System

(07/22/2011) San Francisco Courts to Lay Off 200 Employees, Close 25 Courtrooms

(06/07/2011) Random Assignment of Social Security Numbers to Begin June 25, 2011

(05/26/2011) Santa Cruz Court Experiencing Delays

(05/25/2011) Class Action Lawsuit Results in $2.6 Million Settlement

(05/16/2011) Notice: Possible Delays Expected in San Mateo Courts

(05/11/2011) Arizona Drug Testing Bill Becomes Law

(05/03/2011) New Maryland Law Restricts Use of Credit History for Employment Decisions

(04/27/2011) City of Philadelphia Bans Criminal Records Inquiries During the Application Process and Initial Interview

2010 Client Alerts

(09/27/10) UPDATE: California Governor Vetoes AB 482

(09/23/10) Passage of California AB 482 May Ban Use of Credit Reports in Background Screenings

(08/20/10) NOTICE: Corporate Screening Completes Rerun of Searches for OIG List of Excluded Individuals and Entities Database

(08/06/10) ATTENTION: Office of Inspector General Reports Technical Issues with List of Excluded Individuals Database

(07/27/10)Merrimack Superior Court Clerks Office Closed to Public Daily 1-4PM Beginning August 2nd

(07/01/10) I-9 Compliance – Breaking News

(06/30/10) New York’s OCA Criminal History Records Search Fee Increasing July 1, 2010

(06/25/10) Latest FACT Act Rule Has implications for HR Departments that Provide Employment Verifications to Background Screening Firms

(05/25/10) New Hampshire Courts Closed May 28th

(04/01/10) High Court to Consider NASA Background Screening Case

(03/31/10) Use of Credit History as a Factor in Hiring and Employment Status Losing Ground

(02/02/10) Mother Nature and Court Closures Causing General Court Backlogs

(01/18/10) All CA Courts Are Closed Monday, January 18th In Observance Of Martin Luther King, JR. Day

2009 Client Alerts

(11/02/09) FTC Extends Enforcement Deadline for Identity Theft Red Flags Rule

(10/12/09) California’s Govenr Vetoes Bill

(09/29/09) California and Vermont State Courts Closings Schedule

(09/22/09) Unprecedented Budget Cuts Cause California State Courts To Close One Day A Month

(08/27/09) Form I-9 Compliance Update

(07/15/09) New Hampshire Increases Court Fees Dramatically Starting August 1st

(07/13/09) USCIS Issues Guidance On Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9

(06/09/09) Federal Contractor Rule Delayed Until September

(06/09/09) New Cover Pages Accompanying Reports Starting This Week

(05/20/09) Employment Selection Procedures Act Passed In Utah

(04/03/09) New I-9 Form Effective Today

(02/12/09) New Regulations Require Fingerprinting For Nursing License Renewal In Califronia

(02/03/09) New Form I-9 Use Delayed

(01/20/09) Reminder: Legislation Affects New York Employers

2008 Client Alerts

(11/18/08) Record Access Barriers in Santan Clara County

(10/20/08) Identity Theft Rules Going Into Effect November 1st

(09/24/08) Legislation Affects New York Employers

(08/25/08) Califronia Bill AB2918

(07/09/08) Placer COunty Superior Court CA

(06/10/08) Connecticut

(05/01/08) Connecticut

(03/25/08) Oklahoma

2007 Client Alerts

(11/15/07) Form I-9

(08/30/07) New York State

(08/22/07) Arkansas