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CS Vendor Workforce Screening

CS Vendor Workforce Screening

Employment Screening for Vendors, Agencies, and Contractors

Many organizations today rely upon more than just their own employees and look to vendors, agencies, contractors and other non-employee workforces to get the job done. It’s important that you control the employment screening program for these non-employees and in many industries, regulation and accreditation standards require it. Your vendors may have a screening process in place, but how can you be sure the background check that their screening company produces meets the requirements of your organization? Unfortunately, because the background screening industry lacks standardization, you can’t. Because of this employers are at risk, left only to rely only on a false sense of security.

The problem many organizations have is that extended workforces are vast and the thought of wrapping your arms around this can seem overwhelming. CS Vendor Workforce Screening (VWS) empowers your organization through expert consultation, proven solutions, proprietary technology and experience in building programs for enterprise level employers to small business.

CS Vendor Workforce Screening programs limits the risk associated with non-employee workforces, strengthens the relationship with your vendors, contractors and agencies, saves them money, reduces your overall background screening costs and speeds the placement of the supplemental staff on which you rely.