Real-time continuous compliance for healthcare

CS SafeGuard Continuous Compliance is a first-of-its-kind true monitoring and roster management solution for healthcare.

Continuous Monitoring is Critical to Your Success

Healthcare organizations that participate in federal healthcare background programs must monitor license and exclusion sources or face fines and penalties. But searching, managing, and analyzing this data internally creates unnecessary risks for your organization. Penalties for employing or contracting an excluded person can rise into tens of thousands of dollars. Disjointed processes and manual labor result in a time-consuming process potentially ridden with errors. The risks are too high.


Consistent Monitoring is Not Always Continuous

Reviewing your workforce population against OIG or GSA exclusion databases is crucial for compliance and fiscal responsibility. The HHS OIG Special Advisory Bulletin recommends consistent monitoring of sanctions lists. But how often is your organization doing this? Are you handling things internally? Through a data management company that only conducts the searches but leaves you to take action on any hits? There's a better way.

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Take Monitoring a Step Further with CS SafeGuard

Avoid costly fines and penalties by easily monitoring sanctions and professional license databases
Track and manage workforce population search parameters in real-time
Accelerate decisionmaking with real-time results and actionable information that goes beyond raw data
Adhere to Sections 1128 and 1156 of the Social Security Act, assuring your organization doesn't hire or do business with sanctioned parties
Protect your organization by applying consumer reporting laws to monitoring
Improve the quality of results by relying on the expertise of a proven and thorough screening partner

Continuous Monitoring, Redefined

It's time for a better monitoring solution. Powered by the screening experts at Corporate Screening, CS SafeGuard Continuous Compliance monitors your providers across professional license and sanctions/exclusions databases to uncover any disciplinary or administrative actions in real-time. Live monitoring of primary source data eliminates the time and burden of checking a list each month. Reduce costs with our subscription-based search model.

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Track, Verify, Protect

Go beyond healthcare background checks and simply tracking professional license and exclusion data from your workforce population. Protect your organization and employees with a continuous monitoring solution that complies with consumer reporting laws. As a consumer reporting agency mandated by the FCRA, we will not only identify name matches but will verify the name matches your employee and create a consumer report.


More than monitoring, it's continuous compliance

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