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Data only tells part of the story. Our team digs deeper with expert analysis.

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Take the steps to assure your organization is safe. Combining proprietary technology with a rigorous investigative process, our database searches help make for a more complete background check, helping you to determine if a candidate may leave your organization vulnerable to risk.

Database Searches

Social Security Number Trace

Uncover the year, state of issuance, and address and name history of a particular Social Security Number. Note: Information does not come from the Social Security Administration and does not confirm the SSN belongs to the applicant, however information returned from this search may be used to determine applicable criminal record searches and aids our analysts in preparing our background investigations.

Credit Report

Directly obtained from a credit bureau, credit reports cover a seven-year period detailing overdue or slow accounts, collections, suits, tax liens, public records, judgments and bankruptcies (10 years). Pre-employment credit reports do not include a credit score.

Driver History Report

Typically covering three to five years depending on the state, these reports include accidents, suspensions, and violations. You can also access the Commercial Driver License Information System to determine the state(s) of a driver’s current commercial license and up to three previous licenses.

Financial Services-Specific Databases

Access to databases and sanctions lists like the U.S. Treasury Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) BrokerCheck and more. Learn more about financial services-specific searches.

Healthcare Sanctions Lists

Specialized searches that include a number of government sanction databases, like OIG, GSA, state-specific registries and global lists. These searches identify individuals prohibited from certain activities or industries. Learn more about healthcare-specific database searches.


Paperless I-9 Form

Simplify the I-9 process. Our paperless process combines error-detecting technology with compliance expertise. Easily access files anytime, anywhere for updating, re-verification, and government inspection.

Employment Eligibility Verification (eVerify)

With an eVerify integration, we can perform “right to work” verifications, identifies employees with mismatched Social Security numbers, and sends alerts in advance of expiring employee work authorizations, minimizing interruptions to your organization.

Federal Contractor Compliance Program

Access resources to help your organization navigate federal guidelines. Schedule a free consultation and we’ll help you determine if your organization qualifies as a federal contractor.

Criminal Records Checks

County Court

Our team searches county criminal records for convictions or pending cases from at least the past seven years, depending upon jurisdictional restrictions. Records are matched by name and at least one other identifier. Includes date of offense, charges, plea, disposition and sentence, among other details when available. Dismissed cases are not reported.

Federal Court

Searching United States Federal District Court files for felony and misdemeanor records, including open arrest warrants, our reports will include date of offense, charges, plea, disposition, and sentence, among other details made available by the court.

CrimeSweep Sex Offender

This search uses a database compiled from registries in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, as well as several tribal land registries. Note: Data is only reported if it can be substantiated and some states only provide information for offenders with Intermediate or High assessment scores.

CrimeSweep National

A criminal database containing hundreds of millions of records obtained from county, state, and federal entities, as well as incarceration and law enforcement records. Any potential matches found on the initial search are verified through the court of record. We recommend combining this search with a county court record search.

CrimeSweep State

This versatile, detailed state criminal background search is an aggregate of our criminal information resources. It can be used as a stand-alone criminal record search or as a supplement to an existing program. Available in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Fingerprint Record

Available in select states, this search crosschecks a prospective hire’s fingerprints against a database of criminal fingerprints. Our team researches any uncovered records through the court where the record originated.

Verifications & References

Employment Verification

85% of recruiters say candidates exaggerate their experience on their resumes*. Through employment verification with HR or payroll departments, our team reports employment dates, breaks in employment, last position, salary, reason for leaving, supervisor, eligibility for rehire, and more, when available.

Education Verification

Using primarily registrar and records offices, our team uncovers attendance dates, course of study, degree, and graduation date. We won’t limit the number of verification attempts, even if an institution has closed, and will alert you to organizations not recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Professional License Verification

Let us verify a candidate’s professional licenses, credentials, and certifications. Our team confirms information with primary sources, including type of license, date obtained, expiration, and any disciplinary actions. Any discrepant information is obtained in writing from the source.

Reference Interview

Get your time back. A Corporate Screening Verification Specialist will conduct and interview supervisors, colleagues, and other candidate references, uncovering information about the candidate’s employment history, character traits, and more.

Military Service Verification

Confirm whether your candidate has military experience. We’ll initially attempt verification through the Department of Veterans Affairs, but will also conduct additional research and reference checks as needed.

Public Records Searches

County Court Civil

Searching files by name and in the state of current residence, prior residence, work, school, or your specific requirements, our team matches discovered records with identifying criteria made available by the court. Reports include case numbers, dates, nature of the case, and judgement, among other information.

Federal Court Civil

Searching for files by name in the Federal District Court, our team matches discovered records with identifying criteria made available by the court. Reports include case numbers, dates, nature of the case, and judgement, among other information.

Bankruptcy Court

Covering a ten-year history from the date of request, this report includes case number, date, financial schedules, assets, liabilities, and creditors, among other information made available by the court.

Federal & State Tax Lien

Our team uncovers any information about liens filed that are tied to a candidate. The search covers a history of seven years from the date of request and we’ll match records with identifying information made available by the record bearer.

Make hiring decisions with confidence

Seeking truth means digging deeper to deliver actionable information. Our searches go beyond the basic box check, converging multiple information sources with expert analysis. We’re a resource to help you navigate the FCRA and your background screening processes.


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Designed to simplify the entire screen-to-hire process, our platform puts everything you need in one place. Easily order, review, and manage all of your screenings and searches, plus securely message candidates and our analysts for a faster, more organized workflow.

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