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Centralized Background Reporting System Improves Productivity and Enhances Safety

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The burden of storing, accessing and disseminating employee information within a large corporation can sometimes be daunting. But when you work for Owens Corning and oversee hiring for 150 individual business units throughout the United States and Canada, coordinating background checks for 200 new hires each month can seem downright impossible.

Kelly Snyder is well aware of this predicament. As a staffing associate working alongside a team of corporate recruiters at the Toledo, OH headquarters of this Fortune 500 company, Snyder is barraged daily with requests from Owens Corning’s human resource offices nationwide.

And with so many requests every day, Snyder’s primary objective is to ensure hiring snags do not interfere with production or productivity.

“The need for quick turnaround time on background checks is critical in a manufacturing environment,” Snyder comments. “Not only do unfilled positions result in production slowdowns, but a full complement of workers enhances safety and workplace morale. That’s why we stress fast turnaround on investigations after a job offer has been prepared.”

“With such a large organization, many hiring decisions need to be made without delay,” she points out. “We simply can’t stop the manufacturing process while waiting for background information to arrive.”

Many Vendors Impede Progress

Snyder explains Owens Corning previously handled employee background checks with “local, across-the-street vendors” to provide information. “Turnaround time was all over the board,” she says. “There was no retention of data in one place and no centralized system to access reports.”

“We opted to streamline the process by bidding out the entire screening operation,” she continues. “We chose Corporate Screening frankly because of the overall readability and comprehensiveness of their reports. We can easily access reports online, the icons are easily identified and every report contains a summary page telling us where to look in the document for important information. [This information} helps our people in the field pay closer attention to data that needs follow-up.”

With 200 new hire requests coming each month from 150 business units across the U.S., Owens Corning needed a standardized, central repository for background screening reports.

Corporate Screening’s EASE online reporting engine was integrated with Owens Corning’s company-wide intranet allowing fast access to reports and information.

Readily accessible information and easily identified alerts helped Owens Corning speed up the hiring process, and quicker hiring decisions led to positions being readily filled and a reduction in lost production time.

“We’re extremely comfortable with the accuracy of the background data we’re receiving and the consistency with which we’re receiving it.”

Owens Corning

While the design of Corporate Screening reports have proven useful to Snyder’s staff, accessibility has turned out to be an added benefit.

“Access to one company for our staff – one consistent vendor and one centralized location for information – makes the whole screening operation much more efficient,” she says.

Tailored Systems Enhance Productivity

“Corporate Screening has been very responsive to our needs,” comments Snyder. “They’ve virtually changed their processes to be more in line with our systems, even going to the extent of providing separate invoicing for each of our individual offices nationwide. I’m not so sure other firms would do that.”

“We’re extremely comfortable with the accuracy of the background data we’re receiving and the consistency with which we’re receiving it,” she continues. “Our Corporate Screening account reps provide immediate response to our inquiries, even making that extra phone call to inquire about such mundane things as a social security number that’s out of the ordinary.”

“And that’s what we consider going above and beyond the call.”