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Industry Focus

Industry Focus

Unlike others, who claim expertise in an industry based on experience with just a few customers, we develop custom solutions expressly for the Healthcare market.

Our approach involves comprehensive analysis of your ogranization, providing solutions that cater not only to HR and Talent Management, but also to Medical Staff, Volunteers, Legal, Risk, and Corporate Security.

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Financial / Insurance
Financial and insurance institutions face steep challenges with ever-increasing regulatory requirements, an intesnse public demand to securely maintain confidential information, and a constant threat by malicious organizations and individuals bearing the intent to harm the United States.

To mitigate risk inherent to these industries, you need a firm and thorough understanding of these challenges. When run-of-the-mill background screening doesn’t cur it, a solid background screening strategy, designed specifically for this space and your organization, will.

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As the race to compete globally continues to flourish, the evolution of manufacturers’ hiring practices is likewise significant and rapid. Add an aging workforce, a diminished pool of skilled labor, and extremely sophisticated technology and machinery, and you begin to understand the challeneges facing this industry.

As a workforce management professional, you need background screening that is much more than another commoditized criminal search; you need comprehensive, multi-faceted background screening strategies to keep pace in this fast changing environment.

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College and University
A successful student fulfillment model of screening cannot be derived from a simple re-package of an employment screening solution. That is the proverbial square peg in a round hole. Our solution is highly customized and unique for this space and provides providing three-fold benefit to the school, their clinical partners, and the students.

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