Solutions for Health Professions Programs

Access background checks, drug screening, and immunization compliance management from one solution.

Maintaining compliance and reducing risk has never been easier.

Built specifically for your allied health programs, our screening solutions help reduce the burden faced by clinical coordinators. VerifyStudents allows schools, students, and clinical sites real-time access to background checks, paperless drug screenings, and immunization tracking, all in one place. 


Easily manage background checks, drug screening, and immunization records.

Cost Effective

Maximize your team’s precious time by eliminating tedious manual processes.

Accessible and Convenient

Empower students to choose their closest in-network drug testing site from the nation’s largest network of screening labs.

Easy to Use

Mobile-friendly and intuitive, our cloud-based platform is easy for administrators and students.

Seamless Integration

Connect VerifyStudents with your clinical rotation management system to enhance your existing collaborative processes.

Peace of Mind

Get three decades of screening expertise. VerifyStudents is powered by Corporate Screening, one of the nation’s top background screening providers.

Configurable Solutions

Implement a turnkey immunization compliance management solution with bidirectional integration with Medicat One ICM.

A Secure Solution Everyone Can Trust

7-University-school-v1 Colleges and Universities

Keep your clinical program compliant 

With background screenings tailored to each hospital or clinical site’s own unique requirements, VerifyStudents confirms that each student’s background, drug screening, and immunization history meets all site-specific conditions for each location where the student is placed.

Our team works directly with you to verify compliance with site requirements and Joint Commission guidelines.

No cost to your school, no setup fees or special software for students

Save time on administrative tasks. Students order and pay for any necessary background checks, drug screenings, or immunization tracking online via the secure and intuitive VerifyStudents EASE interface. 

The cloud-based platform makes it easy to access information in real time and to get questions answered by our team. You’ll know exactly when cases are opened and closed, and you’ll receive comprehensive, accurate reports faster than the industry average.

8-Clinics Hospitals and Clinics

Background checks tailored to specific hospital and clinic standards—at no cost to them

Make sure student background check reports include all necessary site requirements and are compliant with site-specific standards. Working with leading hospitals and clinics across the nation, our team reviews all requirements with your school and clinical sites, ensuring hospitals and clinics maintain compliance with Joint Commission’s (formerly JCAHO) guidelines, H.R. 1.20.

Students easily pay for their background and immunization check via the VerifyStudents platform, so there’s no cost to the hospital or clinic.

Receive reports securely and quickly

Once the background screening report is complete, the student is able to grant the hospital or clinic access to it. The secure process is designed so only the intended recipient selected by the student can receive the report.

Our team provides background checks 23 hours faster than the industry average.

9-Student-graduated Students

Make it easy for students to meet school and clinical site requirements.

Empower students to easily order and pay for their background checks online using the secure, mobile-friendly VerifyStudents platform. Compliant with your program’s requirements, our platform allows students to grant clinical sites access to their secure background screening reports and to communicate directly with our team to get answers to your questions. Students receive notifications as soon as their screenings are complete.

Students can also schedule any necessary drug testing with our paperless mobile-friendly interface. Collection sites located closest to individual students are updated in real time so they know which are open and in their network.

Why do students need a background check?

As future healthcare professionals, students’ clinical coursework puts them in direct contact with patients. As such, many clinical sites require background checks to maintain patient safety and to meet Joint Commission guidelines.

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Products and solutions

Innovative technology and human expertise redefines how you manage your health professions program.

Immunization Compliance Management

Eliminate manual tracking and personal time by an average of 100 hours a week. Powered by Medicat, our immunization compliance management solutions allow you to track, verify, and manage student immunizations in one centralized platform

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Background Checks

Built specifically for your allied health program and tailored to each of your clinical sites, our background checks allow you to screen students faster and easier. Get the peace of mind that comes from fully compliant checks performed by a dedicated team of analysts.

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Health and Drug Screening

Save time and hassle by allowing students to self-schedule drug screening appointments at approved, open, and in-network collection sites. Students pay for testing with VerifyStudents and you get electronic access to results.

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Improving Immunization Compliance: A Guide for Your Clinical Programs

Discover the benefits of an immunization compliance management system that integrates with student background and drug screening.

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Guide to Auditing and Improving Your Background Screening Program

Conducting an audit aids in assessing the effectiveness of key organizational processes, helping to uncover inconsistencies, outdated practices, and any gaps that are creating organizational risk.

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VerifyStudents has been the backbone of my university. They do more than collect information; they maintain compliance for us and answer the many questions students may have. Let ImmuniTrax reduce the time you’re spending on immunization tracking by half or more. Best decision our university has made.

Janet Jaeck

Cox College, Faculty Support Specialist

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School Administrators and Clinical Site Questions FAQs

Why use VerifyStudents/Corporate Screening?

VerifyStudents is powered by Corporate Screening, the nation’s leading background check partner of educational institutions and healthcare sites. 

For more than two decades, leading healthcare systems have relied on Corporate Screening to develop screening programs that deliver accurate results and bring unparalleled efficiency. 

Our consultative team maintains compliance with local, state, federal and institutional regulations and provides the expertise you need to meet even the most stringent requirements. Furthermore, we are accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA).

How do I verify that my students’ backgrounds meet the requirements of the clinical site?

Our team is here to provide you with expert consultation. Our client review and assessment process includes a thorough review of clinical site agreements.

How do hospitals/clinical sites verify that the students coming to their facilities meet the standards set forth in their background screening policy?

With our “portability” feature, hospitals and clinical sites have direct and secure access to each student’s report, allowing them to review and compare the completed report to their facilities requirements.

How do I access results of student background checks?

SCHOOLS: As a client of VerifyStudents/Corporate Screening, you have access to all of your students’ reports through CS EASE, our state-of-the-art secure client web portal. Visit to access CS EASE and login with your secure user ID and password, which will allow you to access results.

CLINICAL SITES: Once a student has provided you with permission to access their report, you will have direct and secure access to the report via CS EASE web portal.

I don’t have a password for CS EASE. How do I get one?

Contact your account representative or call our Client Services department at 800-229-8606 and select option 3.

I forgot my password; how can I get it?

Click on the “Reset/Change Password” link on the CS EASE login screen, then follow the prompts.

The link to a student’s background report is no longer active. How can I access the report?

On the email message containing the report, click “Re-access Report” to request a link.

Student FAQs

Why do I need a background check to work at a clinical site?

The Joint Commission requires staff, students, and volunteers who work in the same capacity as staff, who provide care, treatment, and services, to obtain criminal background checks when required by law, regulation, and organization policy.

What information will I need to start my background check?

To start your background check, you will need the following:

  1. A special promotional code provided by your school: The code identifies the school and clinical rotation placement program you are in.
  2. A credit card to process payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are accepted.
  3. School and program information: Be prepared to also provide personal information; all information will be kept secure at all times.

What is a promotional code and how do I get it?

This code identifies your school and the program of study you are in, so we can conduct the required background check.

Your school will provide you with a document containing instructions as well as the appropriate promotional code for your program of study. Many times this code is distributed by the program director’s office. For example, if you are in the nursing program, the nursing program director’s office may be the designee at your school to distribute the instructions.

What methods of payment are accepted?

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards are accepted.

How long does it take to process my background check?

VerifyStudents can process the check in as little as three (3) business days. However, due to the investigative nature of the check, which involves individuals accessing court records nationwide, extra time may have to be allotted. 

Additionally, some healthcare facilities may require additional information in their background check that requires more time to verify, so a uniform turnaround time for all individuals cannot be quoted.

How will I know when my background check is done?

When your background check is complete, you will receive an email and a text message, if you choose to provide us with your mobile phone number.

Can I get a copy of my background check report?

Yes, there are two ways to obtain a copy:

  1. Log into your account at using the user ID and password supplied during your registration process. From here you will have access to your report and related screening information and forms.
  2. Contact Corporate Screening Services directly at 800-229-8606, option 3.

Can I send my background report to multiple hospitals?

Yes, your background results can be shared and are portable to multiple clinical partners. To maintain the integrity of findings, compliance, and security, you can send clinical and/or hospital administrators messages which allow them to securely receive and review background check results directly from Corporate Screening Services.

Does it cost more to share my background check results with multiple hospitals?